There’s something about Hawaii

Besides the picture-book beaches.

The perfect weather.

The sheer physical beauty of the islands.


If you’ve been here, you know it’s a feeling that permeates everything.

It’s what people who live here call the “Aloha Spirit.”


It’s why you will rarely hear a car horn honk.

It’s why a child will call you “aunty” or “uncle,” as if you were family.

It’s the same way a waitress or soccer coach or another parent will treat your kids.

It’s why this isn’t just a place you live, it’s a place you belong.


You’ll feel it at Hawaii Permanente Medical Group

Our doctors and nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians – in fact everybody on our care team – contributes to a unique sense of collaboration and community.


We look out for each other, reach out to each other – we support, encourage, and help each other achieve our full potential as medical practitioners.


We have the same degree of commitment to our patients that we do to each other.


If you’re as compassionate as you are talented, if you want to make a contribution to your patients and your community, if you want to uphold the highest standards of medicine…

You want to be here.