Alexa Sueda, MD & Mabel Wong, MD; Obstetrics-Gynecology

Educational Opportunities

Day-to-day sharing of patient information results in a continuous, informal educational program and is one of the attractions of a large, multi-specialty group such as HPMG. Physicians are also offered opportunities to participate in more structured educational activities both within their departments and throughout the Program.

Departmental Conferences

All major departments hold weekly educational meetings that are open to non-departmental members. Schedules of all meetings are posted. Many of the departmental conferences are approved for Category I C.M.E. credit.

Grand Rounds

HPMG’s inaugural Grand Rounds was held on February 5, 2010 to a standing-room only crowd and was broadcast at 18 clinic sites throughout the state. Grand Rounds allows HPMG physicians to come together on a regular basis to learn from each other and to keep current on the latest clinical advances. Departments use this forum to keep the Medical Group updated and to showcase contributions to the quality of care we deliver to our members.

Kaiser Permanente’s Clinical Library Website

Another advantage that HPMG physicians enjoy is online access to a rich collection of clinical information resources. Clinical Library includes regional and national clinical practice guidelines and an extensive collection of patient handouts, which can be printed at the point of care. Most significantly, Clinical Library’s Reference Shelf section provides access to a comprehensive selection of clinical information resources. Access to Clinical Library is free of charge and has no subscription/password requirements. Using available remote access technology you will be able to access Clinical Library at home or from any other location with web access.

Academic Appointments

Many members of the Medical Group hold academic appointments at medical schools, the majority of which are at John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii.


The Medical Group recognizes that research is integral to state-of-the-art medical care. We are a member of the national HMO Research Network and the Cancer Research Network, and we have established the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research Hawaii (CHRH). CHRH provides extensive support for clinician-directed research, including scientific consultation, grant proposal development support, budgeting, cost management, training for clinicians and staff in regulatory requirements, hiring and training of staff, and many other services. CHRH also has a formal partnership with the Northwest KP Center for Health Research, thereby adding to its resources the expertise of 40 doctoral-level researchers, 300 staff, and support facilities. We engage in both multi-system and single-system research. Funding for most grants is obtained externally through competitive grant proposals and contract applications. For further information on research at KP Hawaii, please call the CHRH director at 808-432-5195.


Approximately 35 researchers and staff at HPMG conduct their own research, funded primarily by the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and charitable foundations.
The Medical Group provides leave and financial support for the presentation of papers at major medical meetings beyond the basic annual educational leave and stipend.

Bi-Annual Symposium

The Medical Group sponsors a bi-annual one-day symposium at which selected papers by HPMG physicians are presented.